Searching in Safari

Searching in Safari    [Printer Friendly Version]

Log in to Safari Montage (if you need help, see instructions above)

You can use 3 different search paths to locate programming

Searching by keyword

  1. Type search terms in the keyword box
  2. Using the dropdown arrows select grade/age levels
  3. Choose media types wanted
  4. Click on Search

Browsing by subject

Click on Subjects at the top

  1. Click on the subject you want on left
  2. Click on the next divison you want
  3. Click on next narrow subject
  4. Click on Next Narrowest Subject
  5. Click on desired subject and the programs will appear on the right

Locating by Standards

Click on Standards at the top

  1. Type keyword(s) in the appropriate box
  2. Verify Wisconsin is in the drop down box
  3. Check the subject and grade