How to Post an Item

How To Post an Item   [Printer Friendly Version]

Click on found at the bottom of the page.

Enter your information in the pop-up window.

The following fields are required:

      - Title

      - Expires (this is automatically set to 30 days from the date of posting.  If a different date is needs (for example, if the event will pass prior to 30 days) the value can be changed.)

      - Seller information (include Name, Phone and Email of the seller)

      -Post type (choose Item for Sale, Item wanted, or Tickets/Event/Rummage Sale)

If you would like to attach an additional file (photos, etc), please click on the following button

Upon clicking, you will get the following pop-up


Browse to the location of your attachment, click Open, then click OK

Your file will now be listed next to attachments

When all information is complete, click Save

Your item will now be posted in the appropriate category (Item for Sale, Item Wanted or Tickets/Events/Rummage Sale)