Share your calendar/mailbox

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Acquiring the ability to quickly access a co-worker's Outlook mailbox folder (e.g. calendar, inbox or contacts) is a two-step process

In Part 1, the co-worker must first give you permission to open his/her mailbox.  Then they give you permission to view one or more folders in the mailbox.

In Part 2a, you configure your Outlook mail program for easy access to the co-worker's mailbox

In Part 2b, you configure your Outlook mail program for easy access to the co-worker's calendar

Part 1 - Giving a Co-Worker access to your Calendar or Mailbox

In Outlook, at the top click on Calendar, click on Calendar Permissions

Click Add, then type in the person's name you want to share with, click Add then click Ok.

Now you can edit permissions on the user you just added.

Select the role you would like that person to have in the Permission Level drop down box. Editor is usually sufficient for most tasks (reading, editing and deleting items in the folder). If you want the person to only have the ability to read items, then select Reviewer. Click Ok when finished.

If you want this person to have access to your Email, follow the same procedure except right click on Inbox then Properties.

Part 2a - Access a Co-Workers Mailbox

While in Outlook, click on File, Account Settings, Account Settings.

Double click on your name.

Click More Settings… at the prompt click OK (this is simply instructing you that the setting will not be active until you close & reopen Outlook.

Click Add...

Type in the person's username.

Click OK.

Click Apply, click OK.

Part 2b - Access a Co-Workers Calendar

Open your Calendar

On the top click on Open Calendar ... choose “From Address Book…”, “From Room List…”, “From Internet…”

Type in the person's calendar you want to view.

Now the calendar should pop up, side by side with your own and be listed in the "Other Calendars" list.


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