Export email to your H drive

Export email to your H drive   [Printer Friendly Version]

1. Open your e-mail.


2. Click on File in the upper left corner


3. Click Open


4. Click on Import


5. Choose the top selection Export to a File


Select the bottom item Tab separated Values (Windows).


Highlight the folder, file or e-mail you want to save. Click Next


Click the browse button and then choose which drive you want to save it on.

Create a new folder (ex. E-mail)

Type in the file name (ex. Name of e-mail or folder) of what you are saving. Click Next.

Click on Finish.

Repeat as Needed until all files, folders, individual e-mails, etc. are saved to the e-mail folder to save onto a CD…You can now save them onto a CD.

Tip: e-mails in a folder will all be merged as if onto a long word document. They will “run together” into one lone document. By saving smaller folders, the document will be smaller. If you save single e-mails, then you can find that e-mail faster.

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