Create a new distribution list

Create a new distribution list    [Printer Friendly Version]

In your email window, click on Address Book.

Choose File > New Entry...

Click on New Contact Group and make sure it put this entry in the Contacts field in the bottom. When done, click Ok.

Give your list a name in the "Name:" field.  Now you will be able to add people to your list.  To add people click on Select Members.

Search for the contacts you would like to and double click on their name (or current list) to add them.  When all members are added click Ok.

Review the names in your list and when satisfied click Save and Close at the top.

Now let's look at our list.  Open the Address Book again (Click on Tools > Address Book)

In the Address Book list, click the down arrow and select Contacts.

In the list, scroll to the new list you just made.  If you want to see the recipients, double click on the list.  here you can edit the list, when finished click Save and Close.

To send an email to the new list, compose a new email click on the To... field. 

Then in the Address Book list, go down to Contacts, find your list, double click and it should appear in the To field below. When finished click Ok.

Compose email like usual and click Send when finished.


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