Add an "auto-signature" to your email messages

Add an "auto-signature" to your email messages    [Printer Friendly Version]

Open a new email message, then click on Signature on the right side of the screen, then click on Signatures in the drop down that is present.

When the screen below comes up, click New.


Enter a name for the signature then click OK.

With the name of the new signature highlighted, create your signature in the Edit Signature box. Click Save when finished. If you want to create multiple signatures, click the new button again.


Setting a Default Signature

You can set a default signature for new email or replies/forwards by choosing the signature name from the drop down in the upper right section of the Signatures window (see graphic above). Click OK when finished. If you activated the signature for "new messages" open a new email message to see if it worked.

Adding a Signature to an Email if No Default Chosen

If you did not set a default signature, you can still add a signature to an email by clicking on Signature and then the signature name from the drop down.

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